What is something white and crispy?
A: Chicharong Puti?
No, it is sweet.
A: Meringue?
Try again…
A: Popcorn?

Never mind…We’ll tell you: It’s White Chocolate Crispies

If you enjoy Chocolate Crunch, then you will also love this sweet treat…and surprise surprise—it is really easy to do. It is actually a form of chocolate candy. And did you know that not all chocolates are brown? Meron ding white chocolate, and other colors using food color.

But for a change, instead of the usual dark brown chocolate – try using white chocolate to make this cute candy…tamang-tama para sa coming Valentine’s Day or …just change the design and you have a specialty that you can label, call your own, sell or give away…

Hmmm, para matikman nyo ang aming sinasabi, sumakay lamang sa JAM Liner, Fastcat at Philtranco sa araw ng mga puso. Mamimigay kami nito sa aming mga mahal na pasahero bilang pasasalamat sa inyong pagtangkilik sa amin. At eto pa, gawa ito ni Nancy Reyes Lumen, ang tanyag na culinary expert or kilala bilang Adobo Queen.

It is really easy to do. All you need are available at baking supplies and if you choose your favorite mold or shape, you can start making White Chocolate Crispies to your heart’s content. Here’s how:


For every kilo of white chocolate, you will need:

About ½ C (or more) shortening or butter or milk, but the best choice is shortening (and to keep the white color of the chocolate, the shortening should also be white.)

500 gms or ½ K Rice Crispies


A pot

A bowl that will fit over the pot without touching the bottom of the pot

Or…a microwave

Microwave Method:

1. Chop up the white chocolate into chunks

2. To microwave: place in microwave-proof bowl and add some shortening

(about 1-2 teaspoons for 1 C chocolate)

3. Melt on medium power at 15 second intervals

4. Stir after every interval.

5. Cool slightly and mix with crispies

6. Pour into a greased mold and freeze.

7. When hardened, release from mold.

Double Boiler Method:

This method is better and can give more consistent quality. Take note : white chocolate melts and can burn quicker than dark chocolate . Do not let vapor, steam or water touch the chocolates — if you do, maninigas yung chocolate and you can’t use it anymore. Kagalit ng melting chocolate ang tubig!!!

1. Get a pot and half fill with water and boil.

2. Put a bowl over pot – make sure the bottom of the bowl does not touch

the boiling water.

3. Put the chunks for white chocolate with some shortening .

4. The heat of the boiling water underneath will melt it slowly.

5. Cool slightly then add the crispies.

6. Pour into greased mold and freeze.

7. When hardened, release from mold.

Try to do this. If at first you can’t melt the white chocolate properly, try again…it takes a little practice. Konting tiyaga lang, mga foodies! Pag na-master niyo ang paggawa ng White Chocolate Crispies – you can already start a business…oh di ba?!! Galing galing naman!!!!